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  RvL Sportpaarden - Oferta Caballos April 28, 2016


Be a Star Sire: Sjapoo

Gender: Mare
D.o.b.: 10-06-2006
General Description:

Nice mare by the stallion Sjapoo (Caretino) which was exported to the US as a young horse.
Before this mare was brought into the sport she had a few foals.
Be a Star is learning very quickly.
She has three very good gaines.
At the jump she is careful and shows a lot of scope.
Now she already has the points to start in the 1.20 classes.
Clinically and radiographically sound horse.



Eduard: S: Eldorado van de Zeshoek

General Description:
This gelding is a son of the international Clinton-offspring Eldorado v/d Zeshoek.
Eduard is a good mover with an powerful canter.
At the freejumping he showed us already his exceptional jumping capacities.
He is careful and  shows all the scope. Under the saddle he is nice to ride and in the ring he has a super atitude.
He is ready to compete in the 1.10 classes.
Eduard is clinically and radiographically sound.




Eduard Mortel


Bastinet Sire: Sydney

Gender: Gelding
Color: Grey
D.o.b.: 03-03-2006
General Description:
This beautiful gelding is a son of the stallion Sydney.
Bastinet has three very good gaines.
Although he was trained as a dressagehorse until M2 level, he shows a lot of potential for the jumping.
On the jump he is careful and shows a lot of scope.
To ride and to work with, Bastinet is lovely!
Clinically and radiographically sound horse.




Diante Sire: Veneur

Gender: Mare
Color: Brown
Height: 1.68 m.
D.o.b.: 04-10-2008
General Discription:
The Indoctro-offspring Veneur is the father of this symphatic mare.
She has three really good gaines. 
Although this mare jumped her first training courseware when she was 6 years old, Diante is a quick learner.
After a few months she already has the points to start in the 1.20m. classes.
This mare is carrying a lot of blood, but still she is nice to ride.
On the jump she is very careful and seems to have a lot of scope.
Diante is clinically and radiographically sound.
Diante Geldrop


Nancy Z S: Nelson Z

Color: Grey
Gender: Mare
D.o.b.: 11-06-2005
Height: 1.67m
General Description:
Sober and reliable mare out of the international jumping stallion Nelson Z.
Nancy Z has 3 nice gaines and jumps with great quality and ability.
She jumps now 1.30m. classes, is not spooky and jump properly.
Nancy Z is clinical and radiographic fine.    



Nancy Z 2014 mpeg


Danoontje S: Unaniem

Gender: Gelding
Color: Brown
Height: 1.68m.
D.ob.: 17-05-2008
General Description:
Blood transferred and still youthful son of the famous show jumper Unaniem.
Three good uphill paces, very big scopey jump and fantastic temperament.
Top class show jumping bloodlines both sides of his pedigree.
Danoontje is easy to ride, is sober and takes everything very well.
Has also been jumping some trainingcourses and he did this with a lot of scope and quality.
Danoontje is ready to start in the 1.30m classes.
Clinical and radiological approved.


6 yrs old Unaniem x Guidam

Danoontje S: Unaniem
Elvira S: Canturano

Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Height: 1.65m.
D.o.b.: 23-06-2009
General Description:
This daughter of Canturano is a really careful and scopy mare, which cousins name is Rancorrado (Cian O'Connor).
The mother from Elvira jumped succesfully on 1.35 m. level before she was covered again.
This mare is not spooky in the ring and learns very quickly.
She is jumping in the 1.10 classes at this moment.
Clinically and radiografically sound horse.

Elvira Asten (nb)

Loverboy III S: Lord Z

Color: Bay
Gender: Gelding
Height: 1.68 m.
D.ob.: 10-05-2007
General Description: Loverboy III, a horse with a lot of potential for the future.
His mother is the halfsister of the famous approved and international jumpers
Action Breaker and Quasimodo van de Molendreef.
This sturdy son by Lord Z has three good basic gaines and is nice to ride.
On the jump, he is very careful and he shows an infinite capacity.
He jumps now 1.20m. classes.
Loverboy III is clinically and radiographically approved.


Caia S: Ol Metta

Gender: Mare
Color: Dark Bay
Height: 1.66m.
D.o.b.: 26-04-2007
General Description:
Very attentive and stunning daughter of the stallion Ol Metta (Flipper d'elle).
This mare has three excellent gaines.
Caia is fine and jumps at this moment in the 1.35 m. classes.
At the jump, she is very careful and shows a lot of power.
Caia is clinical and radiographic approved.



Caia V: OlmettaCaia v Ol Metta x Oklund


Caia V: Ol Metta

Qabouschka S: Quite Easy

Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Height: 1.66 m.
D.o.b.: 27-05-2007
General Description:
Daughter of the international jumping breeder Quite Easy.
Qabouschka is a mare who has three nice gaines,beautiful to ride and a a fabulous character.
She is competing in the 1.20 m. classes at this moment.
She could be a nice hunter as well.
Clinically and radiographically sound horse.




Qabouschka v  Quite Easy

Rheia S:Royal Class

Gender: Mare
Color: Black
Height: 1.67 m.
D.o.b.: 19-07-2010
General Description:
Beautiful and honest mare with a fantastic will to work.
She has three very good gaines. 
At the jump she is very explosive, perfect balance and no fence is too high.
With her spirit she could also be a nice eventer.
She is jumping the 1.00 m. classes and did this outstanding. She will soon be jumping 1.10m.
Clinically and radiographically good.

Reiha event Reiha mpeg



Zellanos Z S: Zannini R

Gender: Gelding
Color: Grey
Height: 1.78 m.
D.o.b.: 04-12-2009
General Description:
This big , but bloodmade grandson of the famous Cassini I has three good gaines. Zellanos is nice to ride and not strong. At the jump he is careful and shows all the scope. Now he is ready to compete. This horse is clinically and radiografically approved.





Zellanos Z


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